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The Challenge

CCP sought 24/7 global support for EVE Online, but struggled with its complexity and varied time zones. With 80% of tickets in English, multilingual support was inefficient, resulting in the goal to use AI to streamline operations and cut costs without compromising quality.

The Implementation

5CA implemented the AI Translation Platform to handle all non-English tickets (8 languages), resulting in 1 English agent pool handling all ticket volume.

The Result

The project resulted in drastically reduced language resources & costs, while maintaining and increasing player satisfaction and response times.

Case Study Background​

This case study presents how 5CA’s AI translation services helped CCP, a gaming leader, to provide 24/7 multilingual support for EVE Online, a complex strategy game.

By using the AI Translation Platform, CCP was able to reduce language resources, native agent headcount, and operational costs, while maintaining high player satisfaction and faster response times across eight languages.

The Translation Platform provides user-friendly features, rigorous quality assessments, and supports over 108 languages.

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