Case Study Background

Recharge, in their pursuit of excellence, collaborated with 5CA to enhance its customer support operations. Together, we implemented automation solutions, including dynamic intake forms, optimized ticket management, and automated workflows, to improve CRM efficiency and provide prompt customer support.


reduction in First Resolution Time (FRT)


reduction in Average Handling Time (AHT)


increase in volume deflection 


decrease in contacts per case

This case study provides a comprehensive analysis of the challenges faced, the strategic actions taken, and the tangible outcomes achieved through the implementation of 5CA automation solutions.

The Challenge

Recharge, in its journey toward operational excellence, recognized the opportunity to transform its customer support processes.

Moving away from a CRM setup that relied on manual processes, the company wanted to embrace innovative solutions to streamline operations, allowing agents to devote more time to complex and value adding inquiries, rather than overspending time on data interpretation and manual entry.

Additionally, there was a need to enhance client contact drivers to ensure a seamless support experience.

All L1 tickets handled manually

Every request handled at 4.6 minute AHT

0% ticket

The Implementation

A pilot program was initiated, focusing on one brand within Recharge’s portfolio. This allowed for a controlled environment to test the proposed solutions effectively. Key actions included:

  • Streamlined ticket categorization with dynamic intake forms.
  • Smoother ticket management through Zendesk optimization.
  • Automated workflows for ticket deflection and allocation.
  • Scenario and KPI tracking for deeper insights.

The pilot program not only showcased immediate benefits but also laid the foundation for long-term improvements in customer support operations.


First Resolution Time (FRT) reduced by 64%

Volume deflection increased by 28%

Contact per case decreased by 9%

Average Handling Time (AHT) decreased by 23%

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