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GigSky is a global provider of mobile data services designed for travelers. The GigSky service allows customers to seamlessly use mobile data regardless of where they are in the world, with a single app.


Global mobile data provider GigSky was handling customer support in-house and needed a way to move to 24/7 customer support to cater to traveling customers worldwide while staying within a conservative customer service budget.

5CA offered GigSky 24/7 coverage using its shared agent model allowing GigSky to provide customer service around the clock at an affordable rate.

We spoke to GigSky’s Director of Customer Advocacy Andrew Fryett about his experiences with 5CA.

What are GigSky’s goals for support?

Andrew: Our customers have a lot of options. We are competing with the traditional telecom companies except that we do not lock our customer’s into any contract, so there is a relatively low investment from their part and it’s fairly easy for them to start using another provider. So excellent customer support is an important differentiating factor for us. Ultimately, our goal is to keep customers happy and keep them using GigSky, and customer support plays a big part in achieving that.


“I feel comfortable that – as we grow– 5CA will be able to accommodate that growth and help us to continue providing excellent support.”


andrew fryett

Andrew Fryett

Director of Customer Advocacy

Why did you choose to work with 5CA?

Andrew: I wanted to provide 24/7 support, but during the early growth stages of our business, hiring dedicated staff to do this was cost-prohibitive. I talked to a few different companies, but it turned out the 5CA was the only one that was affordable, based on the pay-per-use model that you use, and that could scale as our customer base grows.

And even though we haven’t taken advantage of these yet, 5CA’s multilingual and social media support offer interesting ways to improve our customer support.

How has GigSky benefited from working with 5CA?

Andrew: The people I’ve worked with at 5CA have been very flexible and keen on helping find solutions to the problems we’ve encountered in delivering high-quality customer service. There’s been a lot of work on 5CA’s side to make support and the systems work the way GigSky wants them to work. It feels like a collaboration which is my preferred way of working with our service providers.

We’re a global company and having customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week means I can be confident that when a customer calls, that call is going to be answered. Also, contact centers can have a high staff turnover. It’s critical to be able to deal with staff leaving, and hiring and training new people efficiently and effectively so that the quality of our customer service is unaffected. That all comes down to the work your Quality Lead does and he’s doing a great job!

The fact that we can have this high-quality service at an affordable price is of great benefit to GigSky, and I feel comfortable that – as we grow – 5CA will be able to accommodate that growth and help us to continue providing excellent support.

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