Community Management

Memorable experiences create loyal customers. Boost your player experience with community management services that help retain and satisfy your global customers.

Cater to your community.

Manage and moderate your customized community offerings to boost and retain players and prohibit toxicity.

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Presale Interactions

Provide proactive chats during sign-up, leading to higher conversion rates and a comfortable start to the player journey.

Social & Forum Moderation

Stay on top of social media and forum comments with timely responses, peer-to-peer exchanges, relevant updates, and the removal of harmful content.

Influencer Management

Identify top gaming influencers and turn them into brand ambassadors, steering positive sentiment and engagement with your players.

Content Creation

Develop content aligned with your marketing goals using our expertise in audience resonance and guidelines for branding and style.

Live Services

Promote content updates through special promotions to drive monetization, increase play time, and boost player engagement.

Esport & Event Management

Prepare for events with quick upstaffing, social media management, and real-time escalations based on peak volume forecasting.

Support your customers where they are.

Our global agents can provide 24/7 support across all channels, from email and live chat to Twitter. Wherever your customers are searching.

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Self-service knowledge bases.

Allow your customers the freedom to fix their issues with updated centralized knowledge bases powered by Zendesk.

Translation tools at your service.

Access 109+ languages, including dictionaries customized to your industry and sculpted for your brand.

Tailored VIP support for loyal customers.

Keep your customers happier, more engaged, and loyal with premium VIP support that can change the game.