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With over 20 years of experience providing customer service. 5CA offers outsourced technical customer support for consumer electronics companies.


Bang & Olufsen

Supporting every stage of the cycle

We aim to create an effortless customer experience throughout all stages of the sales cycle, and therefore, understand that customer support begins before the purchase is made. We help your customers in finding the device that best suits their needs and take away any concerns they may have. Subsequently, we also provide technical support for any issues they might run into when using your products. With selective hiring, solid customer support processes, and in-depth agent training. We make sure we can support your customers at every stage of the cycle.

What makes us different?

We’ve pioneered WFH for more than 15 years, so it’s our way of life. Our secure and resilient distributed operating model allows the whole business to seamlessly work together around the world (nearly 40 nationalities across 90 countries, and counting). -new block of content-: We also take time to find the domain experts who love your brand, and hire them to do your CX. We call them ‘fans of brands’, and we only hire them if they love your brand as much as you do. When you choose 5CA for your consumer electronics technical support you can expect the following distinguishing features:

Any language, any time, anywhere

Our remote model means we can hire highly qualified agents fluent in any language - even the difficult ones - anywhere on the planet.

Centralized global support

With our work-from-home model, our clients are able to offer truly worldwide customer support through a single point of contact.

Company culture

We're a community of gamers, techies, and geeks. We have a thorough recruitment process in place so we can hire people that are passionate about your products.

Innovative customer support

We look further than simply answering tickets. With a focus on long-term partnerships. Also, we help our clients improve their customer support processes, content, and tools day after day.

Actionable insights

Our data platform provides our clients with actionable insights on operational performance, key customer contact drivers, as well as customer sentiment.

Let’s talk support

  • Stop struggling with multilingualWith our growing worldwide community of agents, we're able to hire any language you need.
  • Get up and running within weeksWe'll recruit, onboard, and train your new support team in record time.
  • Support provided by fans of your brandOur agents understand your customers, because they are your customers.

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