Gamers helping gamers.

We have a long-standing love affair with the gaming industry. From our 1998 beginnings, we’ve worked with countless clients in the world of gaming. From AAA market leaders to indie publishers and everything in between.

We provide video game support for all types of gamers, no matter the platform or genre. Whether MMO, RPG, or FPS on PC, console, mobile, or VR, we’ve got you covered.

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Level up your player experience.

Gamers are one of the most demanding groups of customers. They play games around the clock and expect game support 24/7. Nobody understands gamers like other gamers. With our strict selection criteria, we provide agents as passionate about gaming as your players. We offer expert, multilingual video game support that connects.

Experts in gaming.

Our extensive experience providing gamer-to-gamer player support spans the last 20 years. We understand what drives your players, what kind of help they respond to, and how to speak their language.

Flexible and rapidly scalable.

Our remote operating model allows us to quickly respond to tickets, queries, and complaints. We’re used to the peaks and valleys in player support volume from launches, updates, and bug fixes and can calmly handle each of them.

Next-level player support.

Thanks to our experience, thorough recruitment processes, and work-from-home model, we can deliver exceptional player support. We can cover any language, any time zone, and any type of player.

Centralized global support.

Thanks to our tried and tested work-from-home model, you can offer truly worldwide customer support through a single point of contact. No loopholes, no difficulty.

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That is what we live for.



Fan-tastic quality.

Work with fans who adore your brand and understand your audience. Fans who love you for you.

Warp speed.

Ramp up your CX with our speedy onboarding and deploying processes. Just dip into our global talent pool.

Unrivaled resilience.

Upscale, downscale, never miss a beat with our resilient distributed operating model to keep everything on track.

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