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Keep your players playing with loyalty-building support in their language

As the gaming industry grows in revenue and popularity, the demand for player support is greater than ever. Meeting players’ needs is challenging — even more so in the global, omnichannel, always-on gaming stratosphere.

We can help — by giving you industry-leading support worthy of your players’ time.

Customized Solutions

Tailored solutions for your studio or game with scailing 24/7 sypport, 365 days a year.

Gaming Heritage

25 years in the gaming industry, supporting leading names for their best-selling games.

Players Helping Players

Passionate agents that play your games and speak your players' language.

You build the best games. We deliver the best player support.

Many companies can provide omnichannel support; few can turn your data into actionable insights. Even fewer can unlock the full potential of your player support via AI and automation solutions — 5CA can.

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Omnichannel Player Support

Nobody understands gamers like gamers. We provide gaming experts who can cover all channels and deliver personalized support — regardless of genre or platform.

Moderation & Player Safety

Deliver a safer player experience with proactive risk management, fraud detection, and content moderation to weed out threats and toxicity — no matter the language.

Brand Expert Agents

Gaming experts who can cover all channels, speak your players’ language, and deliver personalized support — regardless of genre or platform.

For best-in-class player support, you need the best agents, processes, and technology.

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About 5CA

5CA was founded in 1998 with a simple idea. Noticing technology’s influence on society, we identified a gap: the importance of supporting those who use it. We aim to give them a superior customer experience wherever they are. Through any channel, in any language.

From our humble beginnings in Utrecht, The Netherlands, our adventures have taken us worldwide. From Pakistan to Argentina. While our HQ is still in Utrecht, our reach spans 95 countries — all thanks to our pioneering work-from-home approach.

5CA is a COPC-certified company for WFM processes, providing exceptional customer experience internationally per the COPC Customer Experience (CX) Standard. We work consistently to improve and ensure our clients a cost-oriented and quality-based experience.