The fan-made CX company.

We’re a global outsourcing partner providing remote customer support from specialist agents with a genuine passion for your brand.

The benefits of 5CA

Fans of brands

Increase satisfaction
Fans of brands

Increase customer satisfaction with CX agents who know and love your products.

Remote operating model

Scale any language
Remote operating model

Scale your global customer support to any language with our cloud-based remote model.

Innovative technology

Work smarter
Innovative technology

Elevate your operation’s effectiveness, efficiency and security with our cutting-edge tech solutions.


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Our global footprint.


5CA is a global outsourcing partner providing remote CX, fan-made agents, tech solutions, and actionable data insights within the gaming and entertainment industries.


We’ve been 100% work-from-home since 2005 and have 24+ years of providing customer experience expertise to leading gaming and entertainment brands.


Our fan-made teams support massive releases from some of the biggest names in gaming. They love what they do, and so do we.

Explore the benefits of fan-made support.


Our remote operating model enables you to find real fans of your brand. Our well-tested infrastructure can ramp up your workforce when you need it.



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