Report Highlights

The report will present data that shows:​

80% of players that submit a support ticket are D30 and above​

Players that submit support tickets are highly engaged users. This demonstrates the changed relationship between the player and player support.​

Quality Player Support increases engagement x10 post-interaction

​On specific Issue Types, players react differently to the Player Support experience, in some cases showing increased engagement.

17% of converted non-paying players received a better CX experience

Close to 20% of non-payers that converted to a paying user received a better CX experience than the non-payers that didn’t convert to a paying user​.

Case Study Background​

Despite the turbulent times the games industry finds itself in, the sector is at a key turning point, still climbing towards its peak. This is a time of rebalancing — a time for reshuffling and refocusing on what is essential.

With the game industry’s renewed focus on quality, retention, and LTV, there seems to be a new holy grail in gaming: Player Loyalty.

We hypothesize that the quality of player support significantly impacts players’ loyalty throughout their in-game journey. Data reveals that players’ support needs evolve, and we will provide recommendations on addressing these changing needs to optimize active in-game time.

Done right, with intuitive data tools and analysis, gaming studios can use player support data to impact their game’s bottom-line performance.

This article presents an analysis conducted alongside one of our mobile game industry partners. We analyzed over 80,000 support tickets to understand how the quality of the player support experience impacts in-game metrics such as retention, engagement, and monetization and contributes to player loyalty.

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