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Who is responsible for employee development?

Staff engagement has a variety of factors that employees should give attention to, and one of these factors that I am particularly passionate about is employee development. As a manager of people managers, I often think about the responsibility for the development of our staff. So, in whose hands does the topic of employee development belong?

Why critical thinking is crucial for great customer experience

How often have you contacted customer service and received a generalistic, completely useless response? Even though you clearly described the problem, included the troubleshooting steps you already took and even indicated potential causes for the problem you are facing? In this article, I’ll provide you with five tips to shape your customer service organization in such a way that you can prevent your customers from experiencing exactly this.

It’s not me, it’s you. Why cancelling is part of CX.

When you think about Customer Experience I’m willing to bet you’ll typically think about the experiences customers have when evaluating a product or service, choosing and buying it, and then actually using it. Canceling a service or subscription often doesn't enter into that equation. That makes sense, we don't want customers to quit. But if we define Customer Experience as the sum of all interactions between customer and company, then sometimes that includes saying goodbye.

Does your company need a customer service mission statement?

Chances are your company has a defined mission statement. A short description of your market, goals, and how you intend to reach those goals. But have you ever given any thought about your customer service department's mission? The loyalty of customers isn't easily won, but once captured, customer loyalty goes a long way to ensuring repeat business. Most people have a preferred airline, coffee place, and favorite restaurant that they'll happily recommend to their friends.

16 essential customer service metrics you can’t do without

What do you make of this phrase: If we want to improve our CSAT then we need to increase FCR! If you're new to customer service then this is probably complete gibberish to you. In some ways, getting started in the customer service industry is like traveling: If you don't speak the language, you're going to find the trip very confusing and you may end up getting lost.