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How a solid relationship between CX and brand strategy can superpower your start-up

Expert digital strategist Marlon Heckman knows a lot about how start-ups and scale-ups can see epic growth with great CX. As someone who's worked with a range of companies, from McKinsey to MTV, we wanted to pick his brain on why strategy and CX are the perfect partnership for an impactful start-up.

The 3 top tips to improve customer retention in subscription ecommerce

Over the last decade, subscription services have gone from unicorns to mustangs. They exist everywhere for every reason. But how can you retain customers in such a crowded landscape?

The importance of being scalable: how early should start-ups invest in CX?

More and more start-ups are realizing the value in investing in CX early on. But how can setting things up in a scalable fashion help prepare you for the future?

The World is Not Enough for Earth 2 and 5CA

Earth 2 and 5CA are delighted to announce their customer experience partnership for the brave new world of Earth 2. As pioneers of work-from-home global CX, 5CA will bring its expertise and passion for brilliant customer experience to Earth 2’s revolutionary online project.

Omnichannel support: is it the secret ingredient to a fast-growing start-up?

Did you know over 70% of start-up founders don’t have a customer support strategy in place? In this post, we look at the facts and figures of the most useful CX features.

Hey, start-ups! Did you know quality CX is about more than just price?

Did you know over 70% of start-up founders don’t have a customer support strategy in place? In this post, we look at the facts and figures of the most useful CX features. While most start-ups recognise the need for customer service, it’s often an afterthought. In fact, many decision-makers want brand recognition before they invest in a customer support system.

5 key problems of remote work without a work from home strategy

At 5CA, we’ve been champions of working from home since our humble beginnings. But while it’s been great to see other companies get on board with remote work — however necessary — we also understand its problems. Not everybody thrives when they work from home. Generally, those with an aptitude for remote work are those who learn on the go and can manage their own time. But there are dozens of reasons why it might not be right for them.

Subscription ecommerce is going global! But how will it expand your brand?

Do you remember a time when subscription e-commerce wasn’t a thing? Whether it’s streaming media services or teddy bears, the subscription model is booming. So much so, it’s about to go global, but how can you use that to your advantage? Subscription e-commerce has blown up in the last few years. But until recently, it only operated on a national level. In order to scale your business, it’s time you went global.

What does the future of CX sourcing look like?

Our Business Development Director Marcel Stroop spoke recently at the GSA’s Festival of Sourcing, taking part alongside Paula Kennedy from Concentrix and Roger Beadle from Limitless in a virtual roundtable discussion about the future of ‘open talent’ CX. Here are some of the highlights from the conversation