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Articles, advice and how-to guides to help you deliver an excellent customer experience for your global customers. Our in-house experts write about a variety of topics including CX, WFH, gaming, and many others.

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How to build sustainable access to global talent

At the core of our business are our fans of brands. They’re our customer experience superpower: each one is a superfan of the brand they work for, and we only hire them as CX agents if they love our clients’ brands as much as our clients do. We can afford such high standards when recruiting because our CX agents work remotely, and that means we can hire the best people, wherever they live.

Subscription based services: challenge or opportunity?

Subscription services have gone mainstream and we’re all aware of their benefits, but they also come with plenty of challenges. What are those challenges? And how can we use them to increase long-term value?

The exciting future of customer-brand relationships

Customer relationships with brands have been changing since marketing’s inception. With the web now at our fingertips, consumers now know what they want from a brand. And it’s no longer just product or service, it’s also human connection.

Brand ambassadors: What are they? And why are they so important?

Brand ambassadors have been around since the dawn of advertising. As far back as the late 1900s, people like famed American writer Mark Twain were endorsing products they loved to use. These days, in our social media savvy landscape, it’s everyday people who are brand ambassadors. And those everyday people are the not-so-secret ingredient to your marketing campaign.

Why great remote work culture is precious (and how you can help it flourish)

Benjamin Schmidt is an engagement and comms lead here at 5CA. He’s played a key role in helping us establish an inclusive remote work culture, and here he talks about what he loves about a WFH culture that we think is pretty special - and why that might be.

Did you know there’s no better time to work from home?

When we started 5CA, cloud-based working was a pipe dream with potential. We knew there was scope to change the world through remote work, and 20 years on, the world has caught up. In case you were wondering when it’s the right time to set up your remote team: it’s now. 1998 was a different time. An exciting one full of advancements in technology and culture. We were on the brink of social media and cell phones being in everyone's back pocket. And not only did we know there was a space for us, but that we could be the ones to lead the way in making customer service accessible to everybody.

6 things you’ll find in a 5CA loot crate

After its biggest-ever year of growth, the gaming market is now worth an estimated $165bn, with mobile gaming by far the most lucrative segment of the market, worth around $85bn. At 5CA we know our legendary from our mythic, and we’re firm believers that your PX should ideally give as much joy as your game. If any of this resonates with you, then maybe you feel like your gaming support Player Experience needs a mid-game supply drop, to boost flagging energy levels?

How CX can help you connect online with your customers

Customer Experience can play a pivotal role in differentiating your brand against the choppy sea of competition. Let’s be clear: digital retail has always been a competitive environment, but the global pandemic has seen a huge retail pivot to e-commerce as high street stores have been forced to close. Let’s look at some of the ways customer experience can help build a closer relationship with your customers.

Why a perfect storm is gathering for multi-lingual hubs (and what to do about it)

The Multi-Lingual Hub (MLH) approach is under pressure right now all across Europe. What are the issues they face and what does it mean for their customers? Rory Stark and Marcel Stroop ask if a perfect storm is on the horizon for this way of working. Rory Stark and Marcel Stroop ask if a perfect storm is on the horizon for this way of working.