Case Study Background

This case study presents how 5CA’s AI translation services helped CCP, a gaming leader, to provide 24/7 multilingual support for EVE Online, a complex strategy game.


By using the AI Translation Platform, CCP was able to reduce language resources, native agent headcount, and operational costs, while maintaining high player satisfaction and faster response times across eight languages.

The Translation Platform provides user-friendly features, rigorous quality assessments, and supports over 108 languages.


overall costs savings


of all language tickets covered by translation tool


overall PSAT


language PSAT increase

“The most impressive is the 100% reduction of language resources by AI, allowing for faster response times for language tickets”

The Challenge

In the dynamic world of player support, CCP aimed for global 24/7 service across all languages.


chatGPT alert player support, CCP aimed for global 24/7 service across all languages. EVE Online’s complexity added challenges, including varied time zones and handling times. With 80% of tickets in English, multilingual operations became costly. Seeking a reduction in language resources, CCP explored AI solutions to streamline support without compromising quality.

Language staffing for coverage, not volume

Language agents handling mostly English tickets, due to low language volume

ATH too long to reach SLA’s

The Implementation

In the complex world of EVE Online, ensuring fair service across languages and time zones is crucial. 5CA implemented the AI Translation Platform to handle all non-English tickets.

  • 8 languages covered with translation platform
  • 1 English agent pool covering all ticket volume
  • A few language agents for high-complexity & delicate tickets
  • International glossary with game related terms
  • Language proofing QA system set up

The translation solution offers user-friendly features and rigorous quality assessments, setting a new standard for multilingual gaming support.


Native language agent budget reduced from 60.2% to 22.6%

Native language resources reduced from 50.2% to 0%

Total cost saving for the entire operation of 21%

Language player satisfaction increased by 4.8%

Consistent player satisfaction above 90%

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