Why Choose Us? | 5CA

Fans of Brands

Increase customer satisfaction with expert agents who know and love the brands they work for and assist fellow fans with their problems and issues. Passionate and diverse Fans of Brands that are happy to help, live for troubleshooting, and work from the comfort of home.

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Innovative Technology

Boost your customer experience with our innovative cloud tech solutions. Our dedicated data science team develops critical tools to make CX a more intuitive industry. Stimulate your workforce efficiency and quality of support with complex data insights, trending topic analysis, and our specialized translation platform.

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We offer fan-made support, a 100% in the cloud remote operating model, and in-depth data insights.

5CA is a COPC-certified company for WFM processes, providing exceptional customer experience internationally per the COPC Customer Experience (CX) Standard. We work consistently to improve and ensure our clients a cost-orientated and quality-based experience.

Remote Model

Ramp up or down whenever you need with subject matter experts based around the world. Our remote operating model allows access to a worldwide talent pool of agents working together seamlessly, 100% in the cloud, no matter their time zone or location.

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