Fan made support

5CA has always been one step ahead of the CX game. We’ve supported massive names in the gaming industry for 20+ years and have been 100% work-from-home for 16, providing world-class customer support.

Humanize the customer experience

Our customer support is powered by fans of your brand for better customer satisfaction and a better connection.

Curious about our remote operating model? See how our agents work from home.

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Fan-made, fan-driven.

Why fans?

Fans are the force behind the world’s most successful brands; the driving factor of everything from Apple and Pepsi to the NBA. Fan culture is the lynchpin of businesses in the digital age and the key to powering your customer support.

Why now?

Customer support should come from people who know brands like the back of their hand, play their games, and follow their social media. People who subscribe to services and speak the gaming language and your customers’.


Why us?

Our fan-made teams support massive releases and leading gaming brands like CCP, Epic, Ubisoft, Riot, 2K, Psyonix, and Rovio. We have experience providing support in many industries, from consumer electronics and digital services to tech.

The unyielding power of fans of brands.

Gaming brands that nurture their fans have a one-up on the competition. People who can make a difference for you and your players.

Are you keen to understand how fans of brands can help your business?

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Our diverse agents are from all walks of life with their interests, tastes and stories.


Our agents work with what they love from where they’re most comfortable: home.


Our global customer support talent pool has thousands of passionate multilingual fans.