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Multilingual Customer Support

Reach your global market. Our multilingual customer support covers 28+ languages and 78 countries, ensuring support for your worldwide customers.

Connect to your customers personally — with multilingual customer support.

70% of customers are more loyal to brands that speak their native language. Offer your worldwide customers multilingual support in their language for happier, more satisfied customers.


We have agents that speak over 28 languages in over 78 countries, able to offer personalized support and 100% localization. Meaning our multilingual agents can help you deliver 24/7 support — across continents.

CSAT-boosting CX


Global Reach

Support your worldwide consumer base with multilingual support in over 28 languages.


Improved CSAT

Care for your customers by offering personalized support in their language — wherever they live.


24/7 Customer Care

Provide real-time support across different channels to increase customer loyalty and boost CSAT.

Localize your brand and achieve global customer satisfaction.

Mirror the international reach of the digital age by supporting your customers wherever they live. We can provide additional language support to your team so your customers are always satisfied.

Customer support that speaks every language.

Tailored CX solutions

Allow your customers to connect with agents who speak their language, understand their issues, and can solve their problems. Our multilingual agents can providenative-language support on your customers’ favorite channels when they need it most.

Omnichannel Support

Reach your customers on their favorite channels. Our omnichannel support solutions turn customers into brand advocates.

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Customer Service Outsourcing

Scale up your customer service team on demand. Outsourcing helps decrease ticket backlogs and gives you additional coverage.

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Customer Experience

Scale your CX for modern customers. Maintain the fastest response time and highest standards for improved customer satisfaction.

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For 25 years, we’ve helped leading brands connect with and retain their international customer bases. Learn how 5CA can boost your CX and improve customer loyalty.

Science-backed, people-driven

Our industry-leading, customizable data solutions allow you to work smarter, not harder. We use automation and AI to deliver the best customer experience on our client’s behalf. Our solutions include:

Automation & AI

Gather intelligence from thousands of player interactions to deliver faster response times, higher player satisfaction, and improved ROI.

Dashboards & Analytics

Take power reporting to the next level with proven, next-gen technologies, Big Data, and strategic guidance from our tenured data team.

WFM & Forecasting

Maintain workforce consistency with robust WFM solutions that predict agent workloads and schedule-based demand, and minimize surprise disruptions.

Security & Safety

Protect your players and reputation from harmful behavior with patented fraud prevention, information security, and content moderation services.

Multilingual support: a one-stop-shop

Want to expand your customer support to more markets, creating happier, more satisfied customers along the way?