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Workforce Management

Efficiently managing your workforce isn't rocket science — not in the digital era. Say goodbye to manual time recording, spreadsheets, unproductivity, high turnover, and subpar customer service.

Tailored WFM solutions to boost your reputation and employee satisfaction

Inadequate workforce management can be felt throughout the company, from product to purchase, due to increased costs, inability to capitalize on potential opportunities, and reduced productivity. 5CA can help address these challenges; via our team of specialists, COPC-certified processes, and accredited Verint software.
By leveraging automation, we can resolve the full spectrum of WFM-related issues, from staffing and regulation to operational performance — tailored to your company’s needs.

Overcome WFM challenges to drive efficiency and delight customers


Reliable, Efficient Service

Supercharge the customer experience by minimizing hold times and wait periods with peak-time staffing.


Employee Satisfaction

Support your valuable employees with balanced schedules that boost employee satisfaction and reduce churn.


Data-driven Proactivity

Monitor agent schedules to align with your goals and KPIs, enhancing operation efficiency while ensuring cost-effective staffing.

Say goodbye to costly inefficiencies

We offer integrated and standalone options, alongside a WFM checkup service. Whether it’s optimizing staffing, adhering to regulations, or enhancing operational performance, our solutions are tailored to meet your needs.

Speak with a WFM expert, and discover the 5CA difference.

Tailored support solutions

Proactively respond to emerging situations, ensure optimal staffing levels, and improve overall operational efficiency by forecasting customer contact based on historical trends and client input, creating efficient staffing patterns and schedules.

CX Outsourcing

Face peak seasons with ease. Our tailored CX management and process optimization helps you manage spikes on your terms.

Player Support

Offer specialized support catered to gamers. We’ve been in the game for 25 years; we know what gamers want and how to help them.

Pre-sales Support

Empower your customers buying decisions. We’ll help answer your customers’ questions throughout the buying process.

Want to learn more about how effective workforce management can help you meet your business goals?

Science-backed, people-driven

Leverage our cutting-edge, adaptable data solutions to enhance efficiency and productivity. Through the implementation of automation and AI, we ensure exceptional customer experiences on behalf of our clients.

Automation & AI

Gather intelligence from thousands of player interactions to deliver faster response times, higher customer satisfaction, and improved ROI.

Data & Analytics

Take power reporting to the next level with proven, next-gen technologies, Big Data, and strategic guidance from our tenured data team.

Trending Topics

Identify pressing customer issues on one dashboard. Our innovative sentiment analysis solutions help increase proactivity and CSAT.

Security & Safety

Protect your customers from harmful behavior with patented fraud prevention, information security, and content moderation services.

Drive WFM success with 5CA

Benefit from our extensive expertise and cutting-edge technology. We ensure accurate forecasting and efficient pool management — all while delivering the best CX.