Omnichannel Customer Support

Meet your customers where they are with omnichannel player support solutions. We help you ramp up support when needed, provide VIP support to increase player loyalty, and offer industry-specific custom dictionaries to amplify your support.

Security and Safety

Ensure a safe and secure gaming environment for your players and safeguard gaming etiquette. Our support services allow in-game content moderation, fraud management, and ways to detect problem behavior proactively.



Through the online talent platform of Cocoroco you can select and hire ready-to-interview candidates to join your in-house team.

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Tailored solutions

Delivered through our work-from-home model.

Community Management

Proactively manage all your support channels and stimulate peer-to-peer exchanges. Our community monitoring allows you to control what your players see, offer timely responses, and protect them by monitoring toxic behavior.

CX Technology

Our team of 25+ expert data scientists craft innovative tech solutions to boost your CX strategies. We develop cutting-edge tools for sentiment analysis, text mining, translation, and more.

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