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Read how we help businesses like yours provide scalable customer support in any language. You’ll be able to find several different case studies here, showcasing our previous clients and how 5CA has helped their business. We have divided these case studies into three different categories: Consumer electronics, Digital services, and Video games.

Video games

CCP Eve Online & 5CA

The makers of CCP’s EVE Online discovered a couple of very specific hurdles that new players encountered early on in the game, and identified that making it past these tricky moments indicated a dramatic increase in the likelihood of continued gameplay. CCP began with a couple of internal agents who provided in-game player outreach during these critical moments, and saw results fast. In order to ramp up and roll out across multiple languages, CCP partnered with 5CA—who were already providing reactive support.

Digital services

Gigsky & 5CA

GigSky is a global provider of mobile data services designed for travelers. The GigSky service allows customers to seamlessly use mobile data regardless of where they are in the world, with a single app. Global mobile data provider GigSky was handling customer support in-house and needed a way to move to 24/7 customer support to cater to traveling customers worldwide while staying within a conservative customer service budget. Read more about how 5CA was able to help them achieve their goals.

Digital services & 5CA provides a fast and safe exchange of digital value. 5CA and have true partnership tier-one agents working together with tier-two agents. Read more about how 5CA and are able to deliver customer support.

Video games

CCP Games & 5CA

CCP was looking for a way to provide 24/7 player support to its global player base in their native languages. The need for a highly skilled support team fluent in English, Russian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and French led CCP to search for an outsourcing partner. That search led to a collaboration with 5CA. The need for a highly skilled support team fluent in so many languages led CCP to search for an outsourcing partner. Read more about their collaboration with 5CA.

Video games

Psyonix & 5CA

Having recently surpassed 41 million players worldwide, sports-action hit Rocket League is on a roll and not slowing down anytime soon. For a game with such a player base and momentum in fostering a worldwide community of fans, building a solid player support structure is paramount. To answer players’ questions, resolve technical issues, and help players get back into the game as quickly as possible when something goes wrong. Psyonix works with 5CA to provide player support for Rocket League. Read more about how 5CA and Psyonix work together to improve player support.

Video games

Wargaming Mobile & 5CA

In early 2018, Wargaming Mobile launched the hit title World of Warships Blitz. Wargaming Mobile’s Director of Player Experience was determined to deliver an excellent player experience. Their mission is to create an awesome, high-quality gaming experience that can be enjoyed by millions of players. Wargaming is an award-winning online game developer and publisher. One of the leaders in the free-to-play MMO market, the company delivers authentic gaming experiences and services across PC, console and mobile platforms. Read more about how 5CA was able to meet all of their CS needs.

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