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Social engineering: The chameleon effect

As cyberattacks continue evolving, hackers are using more advanced techniques like social engineering to target gaming ecosystems and their players. So how can you protect yourself against them?

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Blog The exciting future of customer-brand relationships

Brand-customer relationships: what does the future look like?

Brand-customer relationships are forever in flux, changing faster than algorithms since inception. With the web now in their hands, consumers know what they want from a brand: great CX.

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Blog 5 reasons CX is the heart and soul of a successful brand

How customer experience can make your brand a success

In a crowded market, customer experience is the key to making your brand a success. So is it time you reconsidered your CX?

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Blog How fans of brands can improve your customer experience ROI

How fans of brands can improve your CX ROI

At 5CA we believe the CX that we offer is superior because it’s fan-made.

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Insights wooden blocks with web 2.0 3.0 written on them

Why web3 game developers should focus on game development and growth

What actions can web3 developers take to keep their focus on core competencies while maximizing the quality and efficiency of their player support?

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News COPC certificate for WFM Processes

5CA is officially a COPC-certified company!

Our innovative WFM processes are now COPC-certified. In CX, COPC certification is the most prestigious accolade an outsourcing company can receive.

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Blog How to combat toxicity in gaming

How expert player support can combat toxicity in gaming

Toxicity and gaming go hand in hand. But gaming is a diverse world full of diverse players, so what if player support is the key to beating this final boss?

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Interviews David Bos

High 5: A conversation with David Bos

With over two decades of data experience, CTO David Bos has overseen rampant technological change. Confessed tech nut, data mogul, ideas man, and all-around-great-guy, we jumped at the chance to pick his brain.

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Blog How to manage customer support spikes without getting overwhelmed

How to manage customer support spikes

Most of the CX industry knows about customer service spikes and the mixed blessing they can be. On the one hand, a product is so popular that thousands are inquiring about it. But, on the other, the volume is so high you have difficulty handling it successfully. So, where do you start?

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Blog Ready to ramp up your gaming PX with our super-secret superpower?

What’s the secret to ramping up your gaming PX?

5CA’s superpower lies in helping supercharge PX — in speed and satisfaction. But what’s the point in having powers if you don’t share them?

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Blog Quality CX is the secret to scaling up quickly and effectively.

Is quality CX the secret to scaling up quickly and effectively?

It’s good business, in every sense, to look after your VIPs. Good for them, rewarding them for their customer loyalty and advocacy, and good for your repeat revenues.

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Blog How do you treat your Very Important Players?

How to treat your VIPs (Very Important Players)

Looking after your VIPs is good business sense. It’s good for them in that they’re rewarded for their loyalty and advocacy, and good for you, for repeat revenues and bottom line. But how do you do it?

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