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How fans of brands can improve your CX ROI

At 5CA we believe the CX that we offer is superior because it’s fan-made.

How fans of brands can improve your customer experience ROI

How fans of brands can improve your CX ROI

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Fan-made CX isn’t just better for the customers of the businesses we partner with; it’s also better for our clients’ bottom lines. So let’s take a look at how fans of brands can make a difference to your ROI.

Our massive talent pool

When we recruit agents, we aren’t fishing from a small pond. On the contrary, our expansive global talent pool ensures we can hire the best people in the world to work from home, wherever they are.

Along with the necessary skills, 5CA agents are also intrinsically motivated to work remotely for brands they love. That motivation leads to higher engagement and performance and reflects in the high calibre of recruits.

Nearly two-thirds of our fans of brands are educated to a degree level and can speak multiple languages.

Past Intercom research deduced that 62% of customers are more likely to tolerate problems with a product if they can interact with support in their native language.

The freedom to hire talented people from all over the world is one of the keys to our success. It means we can raise the bar when we hire because we’re not bound by geography or job market limitations. We’re a global team for global clients, with 40 nationalities working across 90 countries and speaking 70 languages and dialects.

Speed to competence

Because we hire fans of brands immersed in our clients’ cultures, we can get them up and running faster than standard industry timings.

The potential global talent pool of 1 billion people able to work from home gives us an almost limitless, scalable resource. It also means we can reduce hiring time by 50% while increasing their speed-to-competence by 66% compared to equivalent times in traditional contact centers. In other words: we can rapidly onboard and give our partners the capacity they need in weeks rather than months.

Emotional connection

Done right, the best brands build unbreakable emotional connections. Think of the waiting list to buy a new Tesla or PlayStation 5 or the now-regular sight of queues outside an Apple Store. Some have termed this connection ‘brand intimacy’, and it’s hugely influential.

Capegemini reported on the strength of emotionally connected customers, reporting that they are more than twice as valuable as highly-satisfied customers:

‘Eight in ten emotionally engaged consumers enjoy giving back to a brand as much as they enjoy receiving from it. Just as in human relationships, when consumers become emotionally connected with a brand, their desire to give back is triggered, and the emotionally engaged are twice as likely to give back to the brand.’

Our fans of brands get that because they’re fans first and foremost. It’s why we only work for brands we’re passionate about. That passion creates a powerful emotional connection when our agents are talking to customers, which no amount of training or scripting can make. We want to build advocacy for our partners’ brands, not simply clear tickets for them and guess which is better for their bottom line.

Value-added customer service

There is so much more to great CX than simply handling inbound customer demand (as essential as that is). Our fans of brands help our CX partners be smarter about their customer service, refreshing and renewing self-service resources, for example. They help in numerous ways, reviewing FAQs, creating tutorial videos, and updating customer service processes.

Your BPO partner should also be able to provide valuable real-time insights, such as trending topics and sentiment analysis, which you can use to drive CX and business improvements. All of which gets customers the answers they need faster and easier and boosts customer satisfaction.

Our CX agents outperform benchmarks by 88%, and there’s a noticeable uplift in customer satisfaction with an average 9% increase in CSAT scores. Forrester’s research shows the vast impact increased customer satisfaction can have on the bottom line.

What’s your return on investment in customer experience? If you want to talk about how to build CX that delivers or improves on what you already have, we’d love to talk.



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