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Reshape your gaming customer services for the next generation

Gaming is more popular than ever, bridging demographics and transcending console wars. At 5CA, we’ve spent over two decades in the gaming industry, embracing the adventure and evolution of players.

We specialize in player support, providing expert assistance to keep players playing and bring gamers back into the game. Our global remote operating model empowers us to recruit passionate gamer agents from over 75 countries, available 24/7.


Fans of Brands

Our gamer agents are players themselves, embodying your games and offering unparalleled assistance to your players.


Remote Model

Our borderless approach means we hire multilingual gamer agents around the globe, ensuring seamless 24/7 support for your players.


Gaming Heritage

Since 1998, we’ve delivered world-class game support, fostering communities and empowering players to conquer virtual worlds.

Explore how we transform gaming support for all genres, from MMO to FPS

Player Support

Understand your players’ needs and solve their new and recurring issues with specialized support by and catered to gamers.

VIP Player Support

Elevate your VIP players’ experience with our tiered support, promptly resolving issues and empowering their gaming journey.

Content Moderation

Ensure safe and vibrant virtual community spaces with expert community management and vigilant content moderation.

Bug issues account for 40-50% of negative PSAT rates for seasonal franchise games

Our exclusive whitepaper unveils insights from surveys spanning 60+ games, revealing what players truly desire from support. Dive into the minds of gamers and level up your service.

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Case studies

Increasing player retention for EVE Online

Discover how 5CA increased player retention for CCP Games’ flagship title, EVE Online, by 7% with specialized in-game player support.

Helping Psyonix scale rapidly for new markets

Learn how we boosted Psyonix’s player satisfaction by building a self-service help center, reducing the need for extra support for 65% of players.

Reducing ticket backlogs with multilingual support

Find out how our time-tested remote operating model helped reduce its average reply time to just three hours.

Hit start on epic player support

Whether you’re looking to ramp up your player support efforts, launch a brand new game, touch base with your avid community, or want your game to reach new heights — we can help.