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CCP’s EVE Online has dominated the RPG MMO space for 17 years. The makers of EVE discovered a couple of very specific hurdles that are encountered early on in the game by new players—and were able to identify that if players make it past those sticky moments, the likelihood of continued gameplay rises dramatically. CCP began with a couple of internal agents providing in-game player outreach during these critical moments, and saw results fast. In order to ramp up and roll out across multiple languages, CCP partnered with 5CA—who were already providing reactive support.


CCP’s EVE Online has dominated the RPG MMO space for 17 years. The highly-complex galactic title, known for its long-term retention and impressive engagement with its core player base, significantly increased their new user numbers from January 2019 to January 2020 alone, and currently have an enormous monthly active user base of players that demands a significant level of support. 5CA was already in place as a support partner, providing key English support at first before quickly scaling up to supply CCP with multi-language support—5 languages across chat and mail support channels.

Enter 5CA

5CA was able to ramp up an initial outreach team of peer-to-peer Game Masters within 2 weeks, and scaled this group by 100% across 5 languages within 6 weeks of the initiation of the program.

Using comprehensive dashboards, the 5CA EVE team—who all have an in-game presence—reach out to new players for an initial Meet and Greet moment, within a couple of days of their gaming experience.

Players that go through that first Meet and Greet with our Game Masters are significantly more likely to keep playing the game for at least 90 days.

But it’s not just our initial interaction that helps. The 5CA team also works to guide new players successfully through their first steps in-game.

By anyone’s standards, EVE is a demanding game and as new players gather resources and learn to build their first spaceships, they also encounter some setbacks that can see them permanently losing some of the assets they have created.

That’s why the 5CA Outreach Team connect with players in-game at this moment to offer retention-focused support: Maybe a soft reset, or additional resources to incentivize them to try again at the next opportunity… the offering is mixed, and tailored to the player to maximize retention.

CCP Infographic

The results speak for themselves

Using 5CA’s solution, the results have been outstanding:

With a 5CA Meet & Greet moment are 13% more likely to join player community Corporations.

With a 5CA Meet & Greet and an additional Magic Moment are 32% more likely to join player community Corporations.

A 14% increase in active players during the first 20 days after sign-up

+7% increase in initial 90-day player retention

Fast ramp time: Live in 2 weeks

Highly flexible: Scaled team 2x in 6 weeks

A true collaboration

Four months into the project, we see a 14% increase in active players during the first 20 days after sign-up from 5CA outreach when compared to a Control group. What’s more, the 5CA Outreach Team proactively continue to identify more ‘Magic Moments’ within the EVE Online player experience that can be harnessed for further results.

We continue to scale the team with more best-in-class Fans Of Your Brand that provide out-reach to EVE players at these crucial ‘Magic Moments’ and continue to drive player retention for CCP.

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