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VIP Player Support

Nurture your dolphins and whales with VIP player support. Increase player loyalty and boost revenue by going the extra mile for your most important players.

Premium player support for extra-level, gaming industry-exclusive VIP customer care.

Give your players a reason to stay in-game with specialized VIP support. VIP player support offers gamers a more positive, proactive, and personalized player experience when playing their favorite games.


We use data from aspects such as microtransactions and playtime to help you create a perk-loaded tiered support system that rewards your loyal VIPs — without leaving any players out.

PSAT-boosting PX


Increased Loyalty

Keep your player base playing with tier-based VIP player support that shows them you care.


Premium Support

Reward your players with unique, tier-tailored perks, including faster response times and in-game bonuses.


Fans of Brands

Offer your loyal players premium support with game-expert agents who know and love your games.

Customizable, tier-based support systems that reward your most valued players.

Offer your players premium player support they can count on and tell their friends about. We’ll help you provide VIP customer service that meets your players’ needs — and keeps them gaming.

Superior game support for your players — whether whales, dolphins, or minnows.

Tailored CX solutions

Superior game support for your players — whether whales, dolphins, or minnows.

Player Support

Offer specialized customer support catered to gamers. We’ve been in the player support game for 25 years; we know what your players want and how to help them.

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Content Moderation

Keep your players safe and your games free of bad actors. Our content moderation services aim to make the internet—and the gaming world—a better place.

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Community Management

Create a safe, inclusive, and positive environment for your players. Our community managers can monitor your online platforms to limit toxicity and inappropriate content.

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We analyzed surveys from 60+ games to identify what players want from player support. Learn how to satisfy your most valuable customers in our exclusive whitepaper.

Science-backed, people-driven

Our industry-leading, customizable data solutions allow you to work smarter, not harder. We use automation and AI to deliver the best player experience on our client’s behalf. Our solutions include:

Automation & AI

Gather intelligence from thousands of player interactions to deliver faster response times, higher player satisfaction, and improved ROI.

Dashboards & Analytics

Take power reporting to the next level with proven, next-gen technologies, Big Data, and strategic guidance from our tenured data team.

WFM & Forecasting

Maintain workforce consistency with robust WFM solutions that predict agent workloads and schedule-based demand, and minimize surprise disruptions.

Security & Safety

Protect your players and reputation from harmful behavior with patented fraud prevention, information security, and content moderation services.

Expert VIP player support with care

Want to know more about tiered player support or how VIP support can increase your player base, retention, and revenue?