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Content Moderation

Keep your customers safe, engaged — and coming back for more. Content moderation is vital to maintaining a healthy, inclusive community of happy customers.

Build a safe and trusted community with hands-on, on-demand content moderation.

With more people online than ever, customers are connecting with peers across multiple channels, which can be tricky to monitor — especially when focusing on your brand, products, or services.


A prominent aspect of our customer support solutions, we’ll curate and moderate content on the platforms your customers use most. Encouraging community, self-moderation, peer reporting, and hands-on effort to keep everyone happy — and safe.

CSAT-boosting CX


Higher CSAT

Creating a more welcoming and engaging online environment for your customers will boost CSAT.


Improved Retention

Customers who feel connected to your brand and its community are more inclined to buy again.


Safer Communities

Create a safer environment for everyone, free of unwanted content and toxicity.

Content moderation solutions to elevate your brand community.

Synchronize your customer support with your brand philosophy — and long-term roadmaps. Our agents can match your brand voice and terminology for agent-to-customer interactions your customers respond to.

Speak with a CX expert, and discover the 5CA difference.

Tailored CX solutions

Synchronize your customer support with your brand philosophy — and your long-term roadmaps. Our agents can match your brand voice and terminology for worthwhile agent-to-customer interactions across platforms.

Content Moderation

Keep your customers safe and your channels free of bad actors. Our content moderation services aim to make the internet—and social media—a better place.

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Social Media Moderation

Connect with your community on their favorite social media platforms. We can assign brand-knowledgeable agents to interact with your customers.

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Online Community Management

Create a safe, inclusive, and positive environment for your customers. Our community managers can monitor your online platforms to limit toxicity and inappropriate content.

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For 25 years, we’ve helped leading names in gaming connect with and retain their player bases. Learn more about how 5CA can level up your player support and improve your PSAT.

Science-backed, people-driven

Our industry-leading, customizable data solutions allow you to work smarter, not harder. We use automation and AI to deliver the best customer experience on our client’s behalf. Our solutions include:

Automation & AI

Gather intelligence from thousands of player interactions to deliver faster response times, higher player satisfaction, and improved ROI.

Dashboards & Analytics

Take power reporting to the next level with proven, next-gen technologies, Big Data, and strategic guidance from our tenured data team.

WFM & Forecasting

Maintain workforce consistency with robust WFM solutions that predict agent workloads and schedule-based demand, and minimize surprise disruptions.

Security & Safety

Protect your players and reputation from harmful behavior with patented fraud prevention, information security, and content moderation services.

Take your CX to the next level

You create the brand. We keep your customers happy. Interested in learning more about how we can help moderate your communities?