Embracing the Evolution: AI’s Role in the Future of Player Support

In the fast-evolving industry of gaming, the integration of AI into Player Support has become more than just a trend—it’s a transformative force to enhance player experience.

AI in player support

Embracing the Evolution: AI’s Role in the Future of Player Support

Words by David Bos
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In the fast-evolving industry of gaming, the integration of AI into Player Support has become more than just a trend—it’s a transformative force to enhance player experience. The recently published “2024 State-of-Player-Support” delves into this paradigm shift, highlighting not only the challenges but also the great potential that AI holds in shaping the future of player interactions.

AI as a Tool, not a Threat

Player Support professionals have been at the forefront of the AI revolution, being the type of work which is generally accepted most impacted by automation and AI. The delicate balance between technological advancement and maintaining the human touch that defines exceptional player support is crucial. Contrary to viewing AI as a threat, the study participants widely acknowledge its potential as a powerful tool to enhance, rather than replace: automation of low end work creates space for the augmentation of the existing support infrastructure.

Impact beyond Player Support

AI’s influence extends far beyond player interactions alone; it’s set to impact various facets of the game developer and publisher’s business. The report underscores the broad spectrum of these impacts, with a particular focus on Player Support. Automation -fully of semi-, a cornerstone of AI integration, is poised to revolutionize Player Support operations, especially through Business Intelligence (BI) applications like PowerBI and Tableau. These applications promise improved player segmentation, more in-depth player data interpretation, and more accurate forecasts of player behavior. Imagine combining the player and game insights from BI applications with Copilot functionalities and the possibilities are enormous.

Navigating the Mobile Game Maze

As identified by Player Support leaders across diverse regions and genres, mobile games are a fast-changing frontier, marked by constant evolution and a high level of Live Operations. These games are a living entity, continually adapting to player preferences, seasonal changes, and ongoing activities that are often intricate and challenging to automate. The report sheds light on the intricate dance between the fluid nature of mobile games and the quest for (semi-) automated support solutions, powered by AI.

AI augmented Human Player Support

A resounding sentiment among Player Support executives emerges from the study—AI is not here to entirely replace human interactions but to amplify and augment the agent/player relationship. In essence, AI becomes the genius, sitting on the agents shoulders, whispering the right answer in their ear, allowing support agents to focus on high-impact, emotionally nuanced interactions. This leaves the routine, repetitive and data-driven tasks to the hands of automation. The result is a blend where human touch meets AI efficiency to create a great player support experience.

Unlock the Full Insights

While this blog provides a glimpse into the transformative potential of AI in Player Support, broader narrative can be found in the report. For a further exploration of the challenges and possible roads ahead, we invite you to download the full State-of-Player-Support report.

In the dynamic landscape of gaming, where every move shapes the player experience, AI is not just a tool; it’s the catalyst for a new era of support innovation. The players await, and the future of Player Support is now.

About the author

David Bos is an avid gamer with over 23 years of experience in serving global customers. Currently serving as CTO at 5CA, former Deloitte CTO and technology leader. Bos is also a part-time lecturer on Data & AI and Cyber Security at Amsterdam University.

His specialties lie in technology, innovation, data & AI, automation, and cyber security.

David Bos

David Bos

Chief Technology Officer

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