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AI & Automation

Streamline repetitive tasks with advanced AI and automation solutions. Improve process efficiency, reduce costs, and maximize CSAT, offering your customers proactive support 24/7.

Customer service automation powered by AI

Get to the root of your customers’ needs with near-real-time metrics, full-service dashboards, and valuable behavioral insights that drive actionable decisions. Our AI and automation services cover it all.

Boost CSAT with text, process, and feedback mining; threat monitoring, sentiment analysis, and data-driven forecasting tools that help you understand your customers — and keep them happy.

CSAT-boosting CX


Global Support

Support your worldwide consumer base with multilingual support in over 28+ languages.


Improve CSAT

Achieve greater customer satisfaction with proactive on-demand support that satisfies their needs.


24/7 Customer Care

Provide real-time support across different channels to increase customer loyalty and boost CSAT.

Future-proof your customer service strategies with AI-powered automation.

Maximize your customer service efficiency and speed up response times with advanced AI and automated processes customized for your business — developed by 5CA; powered by Microsoft and Zendesk.

Make processes easier with AI and automation tools and satisfy your customers.

Tailored CX solutions

Proactively respond to emerging trends and ensure optimal ticket resolution times with one service. Our advanced AI and automation solutions clarify all aspects of your customer service operations.

Data & Analytics

Access actionable data insights in near real-time. Learn what’s going well, what isn’t, and how we can fix it — in one place.

Trending Topics & Sentiment Analysis

Identify pressing customer issues on one dashboard. Our innovative sentiment analysis solutions help increase proactivity and CSAT.


Reduce ticket response times and DSAT with intuitive chatbots that support your customers 24/7.

We’re future-ready and people-led. Discover more next-gen tech solutions from our experienced Data team to optimize and advance your operations.

CX that exceeds expectations

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