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Customer Experience Analytics

Gain actionable insights into your customers' voices. Our customer experience analytics and dashboards take the guesswork out of CX, actively improving your support operations.

Detailed customer experience analytics that power your brand

Looking to provide proactive customer support but don’t know where to start? CX analytics offer complete visibility into your customer support operations to keep you ahead of the curve.

Our CX analytics tools include project scorecards that show project health based on customized metrics and KPIs and in-depth insights into ticket volumes and contact drivers, service quality, and efficiency for the ultimate customer experience.

CSAT-boosting CX tools


Ultimate Flexibility

Learn when to scale your operations with advanced dashboards identifying customer behavior.


Increased Loyalty

Keep your customers coming back with the kind of support they want — and expect.


Customized Solutions

Tailor your CX with near-real-time dashboards keeping you on top of your data 24/7.

Advanced customer experience analytics powered by Microsoft Power BI.

Identify improvement points on unified, near-real-time dashboards that keep you on top of customer issues. Whether service, staffing, or performance-related, our customer experience analytics dashboards will help you improve your CX for ultimate customer satisfaction.

Stay ahead of the competition by proactively supporting your most loyal customers.

Tailored CX solutions

Get 360-degree views of all aspects of your customer support operations. Our advanced analytics solutions offer near real-time business intelligence, 24/7, helping you solve issues promptly and with care.

Workforce Management

Revolutionize your workforce management practices. Our specialist, COPC-certified WFM team can enhance your customer support for good.

Sentiment Analysis

Identify your customers’ emotions and what parts of your support are working and which aren’t to proactively maximize CSAT.

Customer Journey Mapping

Unlock efficiency through our UX and customer journey mapping solutions for an enhanced customer experience.

We’re future-ready and people-led. Discover more next-gen tech solutions from our experienced Data team to optimize and advance your operations.

CX that exceeds expectations

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