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Knowledge Base Management

Speed up TTR and increase customer satisfaction with knowledge base management support that helps your customers answer their questions for themselves — on their time.

Customer self-service, branded by you

40% of customers now prefer customer self-service over human contact. Knowledge base management gives you more time to focus on your business, putting customer queries in their hands.

Whether simple queries or more complex issues, our tailored knowledge bases are built from the ground up, using your brand’s tone of voice — putting the service in self-service.

CSAT-boosting CX


Global Support

Support your worldwide consumer base with multilingual support in over 28+ languages.


Higher CSAT

Achieve greater customer satisfaction with proactive on-demand support that satisfies their needs.


24/7 Customer Care

Provide real-time support across different channels to increase customer loyalty and boost CSAT.

Knowledge base management and customer self-service from your brand to your fans.

Attain a full-scope knowledge base aligned with your guidelines and brand tone of voice. Our senior agents have already created self-service knowledge bases for some of our biggest clients — want in?

Address customer issues before the first point of contact with knowledge base management tailored to your brand.

Tailored CX solutions

Give your customers what they want with self-service knowledge bases that cover their most pressing questions in their native language — built to your specifications in your brand’s tone of voice.

Data & Analytics

Access to actionable data insights in near real-time. Learn what’s going well, what isn’t, and how we can fix it — in one place.

AI & Automation

Gain actionable insights into all aspects of your customer support operations with our innovative automation and AI solutions.

Customer Journey Mapping

Enhance the customer experience before the first point of contact. Our UX and customer journey mapping puts you directly inside your customers’ heads.

We’re a data-driven company prepared for the future. Learn more about our technology, data, and analytics services created to take CSAT to the next level.

Give your customers what they want

Do you want to know more about our knowledge base management processes or see how we’ve helped other clients boost CSAT by building one?