Win new customers with an expert human touch.

In B2C sales, pre-sales support is essential in educating customers. We field questions, explain product features, and help your customers make a decision. All in a one-on-one conversation.

We pride ourselves on hiring fans of our clients’ brands. People who know their products as well as they do. Who better to help customers make a buying decision than your very own customers?

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B2C support that nurtures potential customers.

Our pre-sales support answers customer questions throughout the decision process. With this, our sales team can focus on building and sustaining key relationships. Agents are available via any channel and have a deep understanding of your products ensuring your customers get the answers they need to make their buying decision.

Fans of brands.

We find agents passionate about your products and domain experts who love your brand. We hire them to do your CX. They’re our Fans of Brands and we only hire them if they love your brand as you do.

Any language, anytime, anywhere.

Our remote model means we can hire qualified agents fluent in any language, anywhere on the planet. Even the hardest and furthest ones. We hand pick the best work-from-home customer support talent from around the world.

Unparalleled speed.

Our tried and tested recruitment strategy allows us to attract the right agents. Fast. Whether you’re scaling up or ramping up, we’ll have your support team up and running in weeks.

Gaming, Digital
Services, and
Consumer Electronics.

Let’s talk CX done differently.

We know why people love you and what makes customers tick. Using time-tested CX solutions, we offer multilingual support you and your customers can count on.

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Fans of brands


Fan-tastic quality.

Work with fans who adore your brand and understand your audience. Fans who love you for you.

Warp speed.

Ramp up your CX with our speedy onboarding and deploying processes. Just dip into our global talent pool.

Unrivaled resilience.

Upscale, downscale, never miss a beat with our resilient distributed operating model to keep everything on track.

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