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Oversee customer journeys with specialized support.

Our VIP agents are calm, collected, and professional. We keep our VIP agent recruitment process strict and carefully vet candidates before putting them forth. This way, you know you’re getting the caliber of agents you’re looking for.

We look for agents with a passion for your brand, but also experience in the field. Agents who are looking for that extra challenge and want to provide VIP player support. Being able to hire means location will never get in the way of helping your most loyal players.

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A tier system rewarding your most loyal players.

Together, we’ll categorize your player base into several tiers. Our system takes information such as microtransactions or play time and generates an overview of your players. Each tier brings unique customer service perks including faster response time or time spent on each case. With this system, you can reward your VIPs without leaving any player out.

Premium VIP support.

Your most valuable players deserve the extra mile. Our premium VIP support gives them an extra level of care, keeping them coming back for more. It keeps them happy, engaged, and playing your game longer.

Increased player loyalty.

Give your players a reason to keep coming back for more. Those who have an outstanding customer support experience won’t just keep playing, they’ll tell all their friends about it too.

Passionate and experienced agents.

We select our agents using strict criteria. We check their experience, knowledge, skills, and their passion. That way, you know your most important players are in the right hands. You’ll always get the cream of the crop.

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Consumer Electronics.

Let’s talk CX done differently.

We know why people love you and what makes customers tick. Using time-tested CX solutions, we offer multilingual support you and your customers can count on.

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Fan-tastic quality.

Work with fans who adore your brand and understand your audience. Fans who love you for you.

Warp speed.

Ramp up your CX with our speedy onboarding and deploying processes. Just dip into our global talent pool.

Unrivaled resilience.

Upscale, downscale, never miss a beat with our resilient distributed operating model to keep everything on track.

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