Omnichannel Player Support

Cater to every customer with multilingual omnichannel support services across live chat, email, social media, and voice. 5CA allows you to scale your support according to your customers’ needs.

We mirror the gaming model.

Proactively serve your global customers on the channels they use the most for ultimate customer satisfaction.

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Solve support requests with in-game item codes based on player preference and history.

Tier Support

Support your segmented players with tier-based level services, including executive escalations, live ops, and alerts.

VIP Support

Segment players based on their LTV, recent spending, and time played for better customer satisfaction.

Knowledge Center

Access a centralized knowledge base updated with the latest support articles provided by Zendesk.


Ramp up support for any language, region, or seasonal peak with the flexibility to ramp down.

Incubation Chamber

Provide support in low-volume languages with our pioneering translation tools and game-specific custom dictionaries.

Looking to outsource CX on a smaller scale?

Meet Cocoroco, an online talent marketplace for companies looking to expand their in-house customer support team.


Support your customers where they are.

Our global agents can provide 24/7 support across all channels, from email and live chat to Twitter. Wherever your customers are searching.

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Ramp and scale at will.

Self-service knowledge bases.

Allow your customers the freedom to fix their issues with updated centralized knowledge bases powered by Zendesk.

Translation tools at your service.

Access 109+ languages, including dictionaries customized to your industry and sculpted for your brand.

Tailored VIP support for loyal customers.

Keep your customers happier, more engaged, and loyal with premium VIP support that can change the game.