6 things you’ll find in a 5CA loot crate

After its biggest-ever year of growth, the gaming market is now worth an estimated $165bn, with mobile gaming by far the most lucrative segment of the market, worth around $85bn.

6 things you’ll find in a 5CA loot crate

6 things you’ll find in a 5CA loot crate


Words by Rory Stark
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After its biggest-ever year of growth, the gaming market is now worth an estimated $165bn, with mobile gaming by far the most lucrative segment of the market, worth around $85bn.

COVID-19 has supercharged the already-healthy demand for gaming, with mobile seeing a huge boost (given its low barrier to entry) as millions of first-time gamers picked up their mobiles to play. These huge numbers of new players – along with global lockdowns driving increased activity from existing gamers- mean that player support has never been so vital – or so in demand.

At 5CA we know our legendary from our mythic, and we’re firm believers that your PX should ideally give as much joy as your game. If any of this resonates with you, then maybe you feel like your gaming support Player Experience needs a mid-game supply drop, to boost flagging energy levels?

We’re pioneers of work-from-home global customer experience and we like to think that if we did have our very own loot crate to parachute in, it might look like this when you opened it up…

1. Shield Potion

Make sure your business continuity is protected by your PX vendor, particularly if they are a bricks-and-mortar business vulnerable to events like COV-19. Being a remote-first business meant that there was no impact on any of our client SLAs when the pandemic hit.

Our WFH ‘shield potion’ meant that we were able to protect business continuity for our clients without missing a beat: our secure and resilient distributed operating model allows us to work seamlessly and securely together, from anywhere in the world. Our talent pool isn’t limited to a local commute, and when the world closes for a pandemic, we don’t

2. Energy chug drink

You need to be able to make sure your PX team’s energy levels are topped up regularly. We can’t give our clients actual chug jugs to down, but we can give access to the 80,000 highly-skilled people we have in our agent candidate pool, each rated for their interest in particular consoles, games and more. We recently recruited and onboarded 600+ agents for a leading gaming tech company. They were fully competent and operational in their roles – handling emails and chat across eight languages – in less than seven weeks.

3. The right materials to build with

Being able to run fast isn’t always enough, is it? Sometimes you need to build around you. When you’re looking to build a long-lasting business then you’ll want to make sure that you’re ‘crafting’ your teams using the best materials. We’re able to hand-pick the best WFH talent from anywhere in the world for you: we call them ‘fans of brands’, and we only hire them if they love your brand as much as you do.

4. The latest weapons

You want to make sure your PX is packing some serious firepower. Low-quality agents are not only bad for your players, but they suck up valuable weeks in training for jobs they don’t last long in. High attrition rates are costly on multiple levels, and we can help you by making sure you’re getting the right people at the right time. Over 65% of our Fans of Brands have a Bachelor’s degree and our CSAT scores are consistently higher than inhouse teams.

5. A launch pad

For those moments when you really need to get somewhere fast, you want a PX partner that can match you for speed. You’ll find a launch pad in our loot crate that will get you where you need to go – fast. Our ability to get the right people at the right time means we can help you scale your team rapidly when you need additional capacity. We’re 50% faster than Brick & Mortar outsourcers at delivering agents ready for live handling player tickets. We can help you cheat the distance!

6. Crowd control

Last but by no means least in your loot crate is a device to instantly freeze potentially toxic behaviour in your communities. The online content moderation business is forecast to be worth nearly $12bn by 2027 and gaming undoubtedly has much to do to get its house in order.

At 5CA we take our responsibility to make sure that a gaming community has a positive experience on our partner’s platform, creating friendly and inclusive spaces. We work with our clients to create content policies, and constantly review images and text that are reported by other players (or flagged automatically) for inappropriate content. We also interact with the community directly by providing chat-based support and guidance.

Get in touch

If you like the sound of a supply drop for your PX, or you’d just like to chat about what would be in your own personal loot crate, drop me a line and let’s talk.

Rory Stark

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