Gen Wii – Alexa, find me a job!

Floppy disks or cloud storage. Two terms that most likely just evoked an image in your mind. Oh, wait, Floppy disk doesn’t ring a bell? In that case, you’re probably the reason I’m writing this up.

That’s right, I’m referring to the new kids on the block: Generation Z.

Gen Wii – Alexa, find me a job!


Words by Jae Nguyen
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Floppy disks or cloud storage. Two terms that most likely just evoked an image in your mind. Oh, wait, Floppy disk doesn’t ring a bell? In that case, you’re probably the reason I’m writing this up.

That’s right, I’m referring to the new kids on the block: Generation Z.

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In this new day and age where no one spends more than 67 seconds away from a screen without at least a hint of anxiety, recruiting and engaging this new wave of job seekers is no less complicated than swiping right, get a match and then not really knowing how to open a conversation anymore (sound familiar?).

Here’s how we try to adjust our strategy for recruiting Gen Z (try not to peek at your phone while reading through this, I dare you).

Use their tools

We merely adopted technology – Gen Z’ers were born in it, molded by it. They didn’t see record players until they were grown women and men.

This new workforce is a tribe of true digital natives. Born between 1996 and 2012, cloud computing, smartphones, gazillions of apps and WiFi are not only their best tools but pretty much considered a constitutional right. In an era where information is readily available and one Google search away, we are in constant need of new ways to keep them engaged.

In today’s labor market, we recruiters find ourselves WhatsApping, DM-ing and Reddit-ing away at candidates to provide the smoothest process possible, as Gen Z’ers are always on the go and thus prefer a flawless mobile recruitment experience.

Our video content, shortened from 10 minutes to less than 5. We know you’re at Starbucks with a Double Chai Latte, so we won’t torture you with agonizingly long visuals.

Our articles, no more than 1 page. We know you really need to respond to that Snapchat.

Our application forms, the bare necessities. We know you’ll submit it via iPhone.

Our interviews, 30 minutes. We know you have “a thing” coming up right after.

Our assessments, no longer than 90 minutes, because… well, who stays focused for more than 90 minutes anyway?

Seriously, you can apply and work with us while you travel the world. Curious? Click here for our job openings!

Speak their lingo

I almost forgot what I wanted to write next, because I was busy checking out this new broom challenge… ah, it’s coming back.

Between relatable memes, TikTok, stories on the ‘Gram, Gen Z’ers speak their own language – not just verbally, but culturally. Their constant instantaneous access to all the content (like, ever) has shaped this generation’s consciousness and behavior. Thus, this gen became known for open-mindedness and their deep investment in diversity and inclusivity.

Funnily enough, they’re also painfully self-aware and conscious of their own weaknesses; interpersonal relationships and communication skills, for example, which is – irony incoming – allegedly caused by exposure to technology since birth.

Stubbornly independent and true masters of multitasking, this generation mixes hard work and their early onset of entrepreneurial spirit to stir up a refreshing cocktail of a diverse workforce that’s to be reckoned with. Unfazed by the prospect of flying solo in for a while, Z’ers will hop from job to job, but not because they’re disloyal. On the contrary: they will keep jumping until they find a place they deem worthy of their loyalty – and stay.

Their tendencies can be quite polarizing. So, what is it Gen Z candidates really want? This is what we pay attention to when talking to potential candidates here at 5CA:


  • An authentic company, that embraces their independence and cares for more than just billable output. Flexible work (from home), a great culture and decent pay are among the top 5 priorities. Show them that they’re not just a cog in a machine!
  • Someone relatable – not Peter from Accounting, who’s been with the company for 15 years. Give them someone who promotes inclusion and diversity, someone who sets a viable example moving forward. We regularly post personal stories, blog posts, and pictures on social media! And dog pics. Z’ers love doggos.
  • Career development and recognition! This new generation of workforce is on the lookout for a work environment of constant progression – and they’re working hard to get it. Compared to the millennial generation’s preference for teamwork (sigh millennials), Z’ers are looking to compete a little more, and be rewarded accordingly.
  • Independence! Compared to predecessors, Gen Z’ers tend to be more self-sufficient. Equipped with a smartphone, looking up a solution on Google, YouTube, and other virtual resources no longer poses a problem. Taking ownership of a project and pressing forward independently is in their nature!

You’re still reading?

If you’ve read your way all the way down here, color me impressed! I really thought I lost you guys somewhere after the intro.

However, I do advise you guys to take the tips above with a grain of salt. Not everything will apply to all Gen Z’ers, and there are exceptions to everything. It’s more of a culmination of our experience in hiring young new talent in this day and age.

The new kid on the block isn’t coming – they’re already here. We’re ready at 5CA. Are you?

Jae Nguyen

Senior Recruiter

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