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How to build sustainable access to global talent

Our Business Development Director Marcel Stroop talks about how our approach to sourcing talent can offer a best-of-both-worlds approach for your business.

How to build sustainable access to global talent

How to build sustainable access to global talent


Words by Marcel Stroop
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I was lucky enough this week to be asked to talk at the GSA’s Festival of Sourcing, taking part in a panel discussion about the best way to source CX. We talked about the opportunities of gig CX as well as its challenges, alongside the pros and cons of the traditional bricks-and-mortar approach.

We also talked about what we do at 5CA, pioneering a wholly new approach that we think brings together the best strands of both gig and bricks-and-mortar – the agile flexibility of the former and the rock-solid reliability of the latter. We call it CX done differently, and it’s based around a couple of fundamental building blocks that, together, build sustainable access to global talent.

CX done differently

Let’s start with the basics. At the core of our business are our fans of brands. They’re our customer experience superpower: each one is a superfan of the brand they work for, and we only hire them as CX agents if they love our clients’ brands as much as our clients do. We can afford such high standards when recruiting because our CX agents work remotely, and that means we can hire the best people, wherever they live.

For us this freedom to hire anyone, from anywhere, is one of the keys to what makes our business successful. It means we can raise the bar when we hire because we’re not bound by geography or job market limitations. We’re already a global team for global clients, with 40 nationalities working across 90 countries, and speaking 70 languages and dialects.

We’re growing fast because there is a potential global talent pool of 1 billion people able to work from home – it’s an almost limitless, scalable resource that means we can reduce time to hiring new agents by 50%, while increasing their speed-to-competence by 66% when compared to brick-and-mortar industry equivalents.

Limitless by design

Amongst them are fans with in-depth domain knowledge of countless brands, from the couture-mad fashionista who lives to accessorise the right bag with the right dress, to console devotees who live and play online and understand every nuance of gaming culture.

Thanks to our global remote operating model that enables us to work together seamlessly, we can connect with experts of any language, with any skill, at any time, from anywhere. This model gives us and our clients formidable business continuity and resilience, with 100% uptime and 100% guaranteed SLAs.

Powered by passion

Perhaps the biggest differentiator though is something a little more intangible: it’s the passion that our fans have for the brands they work for. It creates a powerful emotional connection when our agents are talking to customers, which no amount of training or scripting can create.

That passion can’t be faked, and goes in tandem with the total mastery of the subject matter that our agents have from being superfans, with the domain expertise that brings. What’s absolutely certain though is that it gets results. Our CX agents outperform benchmarks by 88% and there’s an obvious boost in customer satisfaction with an average 9% increase in CSAT scores.

Get in touch

If you’d like a conversation about how your business could benefit from access to a huge global talent pool of people who love your brand, then let’s talk.

Marcel Stroop

Business Development Director

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