When working from home really works

When working from home really works


Words by Stefano Savino
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5CA is changing the game with a #WorkFromHomeCommunity of support agents across the globe. In a bid to unlock just how having the entire world as our talent pool of support agents works for us—and can work for you—we’re getting the word from the #FansOfYourBrand themselves. Here’s why our agents love being part of 5CA.

Stefano Work from home

I started working for 5CA back in October 2019. Currently, I’m working as a Gaming Technology Support Agent in Spain. My job as an expert on the products of the company I’m supporting is to offer support to customers and get them up, running and happy in no time.

My experience

This is my first experience of working remotely—all of my previous jobs were in offices in different countries. For me, working from home is very dependent on your personality: it doesn’t work for everyone, for a number of reasons. Some people prefer to have more social contact and the opportunity to get to know their colleagues and peers better… Or they simply get bored and struggle to concentrate at home.

My experience, though? The past eight months of working remotely for 5CA has been really enjoyable. My personality is perfectly suited to this type of job. I like being at home and feel most myself there—this gives me the confidence that I need to do the best possible job of supporting customers effectively and efficiently.

Personally, I’ve seen that I concentrate much more easily at home than in an office, and, of course, with the tools and structure that 5CA has in place (we have an unparalleled work-from-home setup—it’s simply part of our DNA!) I can always easily communicate with my colleagues on video or via chat.

I have a great relationship with my Spanish teammates. Some of us have been able to meet up in person in Madrid, which was a great opportunity to establish even better relationships.

Improving my personal life

Working from home works for me on a personal level, too. My brother lives in Spain, and I’ve been able to visit him and work remotely from his place three times during my time at 5CA! It’s such a fantastic opportunity to balance work with life and gives me the opportunity to maintain stronger relationships with my family.

Finally, I’ve noticed really positive lifestyle changes as a result of working from home. Since I’m home so much, I get to cook much more often, which I really enjoy. I eat much more healthily than I ever did when I was commuting to and from an office. Plus, I get to utilize my free time much more effectively: Exercise, studying online courses and general chores around the house.

Working from home is not for everyone. You need to be dedicated and responsible to make it effective and having a certain personality type can help (or hinder!) a lot. In my case, it’s the perfect fit for me and I hope to continue being part of 5CA for a long time to come.


Stefano Savino

Stefano Savino


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