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Optimize human connection through technology.

We provide agents with the best tools on the market. With 15+ years under our belt, we’ve grown a solid ecosystem. One based on the latest technology in communications, customer relationships, and business intelligence.

In combining human skill and emotion with high-end technology, we’ve created a frictionless environment for our clients. With 5CA, you can rest assured you’ll have the best customer experience at every touchpoint.

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A platform that enables, empowers, and excites.

Our CX platform is secure, standards-based, and modular by design. Our people work anywhere, anytime, using the latest modern-day tools and tech. Our clients understand our methods and integrate them into their systems. We do it all with our winning combination: cloud computing, automation, and pure data insights.


Our CRM software-of-choice, Zendesk powers all customer-facing activities. Zendesk is our core ticketing system. With it, we provide consultancy services to help you set up knowledge bases, support sites, and workflows.


Helpshift ensures we provide in-app customer support for any mobile game or software. With it, we can provide high-quality support to mobile players without them ever having to close an app.

Gaming, Digital
Services, and
Consumer Electronics.

Let’s talk CX done differently.

We know why people love you and what makes customers tick. Using time-tested CX solutions, we offer multilingual support you and your customers can count on.

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Fan-tastic quality.

Work with fans who adore your brand and understand your audience. Fans who love you for you.

Warp speed.

Ramp up your CX with our speedy onboarding and deploying processes. Just dip into our global talent pool.

Unrivalled resilience.

Upscale, downscale, never miss a beat with our resilient distributed operating model to keep everything on track.

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