VIP player support

VIP support for your most valuable players

Your most loyal players should get the best customer care. With VIP player support, you prioritize your VIPs and make sure they are given a solution right away.


Tier system

Together with you, we categorize your player base into various tiers. This could be based on the amount of money spent on microtransactions or time played. Therefore it generates an overview of all the players and places everyone in a tier. Each tier holds different perks when it comes to providing customer service. Benefits of being regarded as a VIP could include faster response time, additional time spent by an agent on each case, more freedom for the agent to write responses and provide solutions and even making it possible for agents to offer support while staying in character.

Giving customer support using this tier system rewards those who deserve it most while still giving great support to lower-tier players.

Specialized agents for exceptional support

Staying calm in the presence of VIPs is a talent few possess. That is why we have an even stricter recruitment process in place for candidates that are looking for an extra challenge and want to provide VIP player support. Most importantly, we specifically look for experienced customer support agents that not only have a passion for gaming but also for the specific game you’re looking to provide VIP support for.

Being able to hire anyone, anywhere, means we can support any part of your customer’s journey across any channel. Because location never gets in the way of hiring exactly the right people, we can ensure your brand CX is in the hands of people who mirror your customers in age and attitude.

That way, you’re certain these agents are a perfect fit for the job.

Why offer VIP player support?

When you decide to offer VIP support through 5CA, you can expect:

Premium support for VIPs

Your most valuable players deserve that extra mile. Provide them with an extra level of support to keep them happy, engaged and playing longer.

Increased player loyalty

Players that have an outstanding support experience with your customer service won’t just keep playing, they’ll tell their friends too.

Passionate and experienced agents

We select our agents using strict criteria checking for experience, knowledge, skills, and passion. We don’t just filter out average, we take the cream of the crop.

Let’s talk support

  • Stop struggling with multilingualWith our growing worldwide community of agents. We're able to hire any language you need. We’ve pioneered remote working for more than a decade because we believe it unlocks a world of potential for our clients and our business!
  • Get up and running within weeksWe'll recruit, onboard, and train your new support team in record time.
  • Support provided by fans of your brandOur agents understand your customers, because they are your customers. We find domain experts who love your brand, and hire them to do your CX. We can do this because we’re able to hand-pick the best WFH talent from anywhere in the world. We call them ‘fans of brands’, and we only hire them if they love your brand as much as you do.

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