Security and Safety

Security is paramount in an increasingly digital world. Ensure your and your customers’ safety with full-scale security measures designed and moderated by us.

Keep your players safe.

Combat toxicity where it matters with security measures built to ensure your players feel safe playing their favorite games.

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In-Game Content Moderation

Safeguard your players with peer-to-peer in-game live chat to address issues, monitor player behavior, limit unauthorized spending, and reduce hostility.

Fraud Detection

Detect and act upon fraudulent activity with cloud app security analysis that records and flags suspicious actions and high-risk applications.

Fraud Management

Detect risks and eliminate potential threats with speedy alerts and regular activity log analysis that informs operations as soon as they’re flagged.

Toxicity Prevention

Proactively monitor players across active channels, flag toxic behavior, ban or suspend players, and conduct investigations as necessary.

Support your customers where they are.

Our global agents can provide 24/7 support across all channels, from email and live chat to Twitter. Wherever your customers are searching.

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Risk-proof infrastructure.

Self-service knowledge bases.

Allow your customers the freedom to fix their issues with updated centralized knowledge bases powered by Zendesk.

Translation tools at your service.

Access 109+ languages, including dictionaries customized to your industry and sculpted for your brand.

Tailored VIP support for loyal customers.

Keep your customers happier, more engaged, and loyal with premium VIP support that can change the game.