The World is Not Enough for Earth 2 and 5CA

by 5CA | March 26, 2021


The World is Not Enough for Earth 2 and 5CA

Global CX partner 5CA is going out of this world supporting the players of revolutionary new Earth 2 virtual world

Earth 2 and 5CA are delighted to announce their customer experience partnership for the brave new world of Earth 2. As pioneers of work-from-home global CX, 5CA will bring its expertise and passion for brilliant customer experience to Earth 2’s revolutionary online project.

Earth 2 is a futuristic concept for an all-encompassing MMO game, set on a second Earth. It’s a metaverse between virtual and physical reality, in which users create all resources and objects they need to build up Earth 2 as an encompassing world, economy and platform. The platform then allows users to buy, sell and bid on resources, building blocks, blueprints and plots of virtual land, divided up into a grid of 10 by 10 metres and spanning the entire planet.

Earth 2 will be a game in which people can build, live, trade, interact and have unique experiences that are not just geographically linked to the one we already inhabit. Earth 2 will create economic and social opportunities on Earth 1 that as of now cannot exist here.

This long-term and monumental project aims to mark the birth of the world’s virtual timeline and 5CA is proud to play a role in bringing this vision to life. The global CX partner is determined to provide innovative, agile startups like Earth 2 with the CX flexibility and headroom they need to grow, and has launched its new Incubator offer with this mind.

“We’ve always said that we’re a company with an ambitious vision”, said 5CA founder and CEO, Otto van Haaren, “And it doesn’t get more ambitious than powering the customer experience of an entire new world. We can’t wait to get started.”

To begin with, 5CA will manage the Zendesk, Knowledge Base and front-line support with a team that will be able to scale as rapidly as Earth 2’s customer base does. The goal is to create a future-proof support environment that includes community and payment support in the near future too.

“We are building something truly radical and groundbreaking with Earth 2, and so we needed a bold partner who could match our vision. We’re delighted to be teaming up with 5CA and we can’t wait to build this world together,” said Earth 2 CEO, Shane Isaac.