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Say goodbye to brick-and-mortar

Work-from-Home customer support unlocks a world of potential.
With the entire planet as our talent pool, we select only the best customer experience professionals who are already passionate Fans of Your Brand.

A Truly Global Talent Pool

5CA are the remote Customer Support and Experience pioneers. Our true Work-from-Home model gives us access to the unlimited global talent pool—sourcing the very best agents for your needs.

Fans of Your Brand

5CA's recruitment approach ensures your agents are real Fans of Your Brand. Deliver a new level of customer experience from highly engaged, passionate agents that are excited to work for you—specifically.

Flexibility & Rapid Scalability

5CA's WfH model allows us to craft custom solutions that can easily scale—rapidly—across markets, languages and timezones, according to your requirements.

Effortlessly Multilingual

5CA only hires the most talented multilinguists. All agents pass stringent language tests, and our global talent pool allows us to recruit speakers of even the most difficult-to-hire languages.

Simple, centralized management

5CA's agents may be globally distributed, but your point-of-contact is central. Simplify the management of your support outsourcing using our data-driven platform that integrates seamlessly with your existing system.

We're highly selective

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Work-from-Home Performance Management

How do we manage our agents’ performance remotely?

With data, of course.

Our 20+ years of customer support experience enabled us to create our own data platform that not only provides real-time, in-depth support metrics, but that helps us manage, coach and train our support teams.

Work-from-Home Agent Engagement

Bringing a remote workforce together comes with its own unique challenges.

That’s why our dedicated Engagement team work tirelessly to build an inclusive culture for our geeks, gamers and gadget-enthusiasts. We create spaces for people to connect, run engagement programs that inspire, and empower our agents to do their best work.

At 5CA we understand that our people are our most important asset—and treat them accordingly. That’s why our Work-from-Home model has been generating happier, more motivated agents for over 20 years.

Work-from-Home Information Security

At 5CA, we take data security more seriously than anything else:

  • Our agents work from a cloud-based workspace within our secure CX platform. Access is via multi-factor authentication and data cannot move between the workspace and the agent’s device.
  • We control which systems, at what times, and from what source an individual can gain access—and we can withdraw that access immediately, without relying on third parties.
  • Within our cloud-based workspace, we maintain least-privilege access, allow zero desktop or execution rights, and record and monitor activity.

Let's clear a few things up

Hyper-scalable support

Our access to a worldwide talent pool of customer support specialists—that are already passionate Fans of Your Brand—allows us to hyper-scale your support solution within a matter of weeks.

200 multi-lingual FTEs within three weeks?

No problem—leave it with 5CA.

We are not the gig-economy

We don’t utilize gig workers.

Our customer experience solutions are delivered by well-qualified, fully-trained agents.

They have secure access to the tools, systems, and content they need, and are surrounded by a team of fellow agents working for the same client.

Learn more about the benefits of outsourced Work-from-Home support

Podcast: Advice for companies suddenly having to work from home

With 15+ years of experience with work-from-home, 5CA’s CCO Rob van Herpen shares advice and insights to help companies suddenly having to make the change to remote work. Podcast hosted by CX Files‘ Mark Hillary.

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Ready for remote?

  • Stop struggling with multilingualWith our growing worldwide community of agents, we're able to hire any language you need.
  • Get up and running within weeksWe'll recruit, onboard, and train your new support team in record time.
  • Support provided by fans of your brandOur agents understand your customers, because they are your customers.

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