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We offer global, multilingual and scalable customer care with 24/7 availability and self-service solutions for your online store or platform business.
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A smarter way to scale support

Whether you’re launching a new product, expanding into new markets, or expecting an increase in sales. Sooner or later you will need to ramp up your customer support operations. At 5CA, we believe there are smarter ways to scale than simply adding FTEs. As a result, our customer support specialists can help you find the ideal balance between hiring the right agents, optimizing support processes, and developing customer self-service solutions.

Make a great first impression

Most digital businesses are built around self-service. Customers can choose, buy, and use a product or service without ever needing human intervention. But what if something goes wrong? In digital businesses, customer support interactions are often the first human-to-human connection a customer will have with your brand. Thus, by carefully recruiting customer support agents with an affinity for your products and a knack for customer interactions. We help you make a great first impression.

What makes us different?


5CA can work with any customer support system you prefer or are already working with. Thus making the transition to outsourcing easy and smooth.

Fans of your brand

Besides thoroughly screening candidates for customer support and language skills. We also look for agents that are passionate about your product and as a result, offer the right cultural fit.

Smarter ways to scale

Provide scalable customer care. Our remote support scales effortlessly thanks to our ability to deploy more agents quickly as well as, create effective self-service solutions.

Report on your support operations

Make decisions based on data by using our data platform. Our data provides you with actionable insights into our operations and your customers.

Let’s talk support

  • Stop struggling with multilingualWith our growing worldwide community of agents. We're able to hire any language you need.
  • Get up and running within weeksWe'll recruit, onboard, and train your new support team in record time.
  • Support provided by fans of your brandOur agents understand your customers, because they are your customers.

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