5 reasons CX is the heart and soul of a successful brand

by 5CA | May 5, 2021


Mankind is made up of ages formed around their standout tech. From fire and the internet to, yes, sliced bread, our history is built on pioneering ideas that alter the future.

Where the stone and iron ages have shaped our past, we’re now in the most influential one yet: the age of information.

We’re in the fourth industrial revolution, also known as Industry 4.0. An age of both technology and human development set around an evolution of communication.

One where we aren’t just inventing shiny new things but using them to authentically connect with other communities. Wherever they’re based in the world.

For 5CA, industry 4.0 is exciting and inspiring. And this global digital connection is totally in line with our purpose: to make CX great for people.

Why is customer experience so important?

Think about the last positive experience you had with a brand and how it made you feel. Elated? Trusting? Dare we say, joyous?

Whenever we have good experiences with a brand, we’re more inclined to give them our money and recommend the brand. That’s just how it goes and how it should go.

But these days, customers are more connected than ever.

They can share good – and bad – experiences not only with friends but on social media. And if a bad experience goes viral, you’re going to have a lot of cleaning up to do.

Whatever business you’re in, your customers are the most powerful factors in driving success. So, you want to treat them as best you can — and this means with CX to remember.

The 5CA approach to great CX

Since we’ve been in the game for so long (22 years and counting), we have no qualms in saying we know how to create superior CX. And one of the reasons we’re able to do this is because we developed our core values around people.

Our core values also function as reasons CX is at the heart of a brand.

Ours and yours.

1. We cherish our customers

Giving people the level of respect they’re due is super important for great CX. From day one, we’ve cherished everyone we work with.

We love our clients and their customers.

It goes without saying that, without our clients, we wouldn’t be where we are. Nor would we be who we are. So, being client centric is at the core of our strategy.

It pays to put customers first. And that’s never been truer than now—an age so interconnected, you can reach the other side of the world in a second.

2. We challenge the status quo

We aren’t the only CX company out there. It’d be naïve of us to think we weren’t in a busy market, but we do do things differently: we challenge the norm.

From the beginning, we’ve been non-conformist in our thinking. We don’t shun the traditional, but we do take advantage of the latest tools and insights.

If every CX business operated the same way, the industry would stagnate. Rules are made to be broken and adventures made to be had.

We know we’re on the precipice of a huge change in how people live, work, and communicate. In challenging the norm, we can change the course of CX’s future for the better.

3. We celebrate our inner unicorns

There are 7.7 billion people on the planet. That’s crazy. What’s even crazier would be thinking that one size fits all in CX. We don’t — and that’s something we pride ourselves on.

To promote great CX, people need to feel comfortable being themselves. That means celebrating the fact that we’re as nerdy, unique, and as different as we are!

Seeing the world move further towards celebrating diversity excites us. And it’s something every company should embrace —especially in the CX industry.

We know industry 4.0 is all about people and forging human connections. So, the best CX is a person being their magical self, helping others be their magical selves.

4. We commit to quality

Quality doesn’t come automatically. In fact, it’s often either overlooked or thought about too much.

But the thing with quality is, if you have the right people, it comes more easily. Passionate people have more quality advice than those who aren’t – so that’s why passion is at the heart of our talent acquisition strategy. Our people know their stuff and want to share. Everything they do is fuelled by their passion.

CX included. We know it’s possible to deliver quality CX – truly superior CX – thanks to our passionate people: our Fans of Brands.

5. We chase adventure

Adventure isn’t just about where you are physically. It’s about having curious minds and open hearts. And being ready to tackle whatever comes our way.

Like SEO, the internet, and flight boarding times, CX is everchanging.

To keep up with it, you need to be flexible and adaptable. Sometimes, you even need to be the one to take the first steps toward something new.

Our desire for adventure is supercharged by the diversity of our global community. And our community works tirelessly to improve the world that is CX.

CX is the lifeforce of any successful brand—so, why wait?

CX isn’t a buzzword, it’s in the 5CA DNA.

You can have all the chat bots in the world, but they’ll never come close to authentic human connection.

Yes, tech enables. Yes, it also augments. But it’s the humans using it who create the WOW moments in the customer journey, and it’s these that really convey the heart and soul of a brand.

At 5CA we pride ourselves on delivering fan-tastic quality, unrivalled resilience, and powerful insights at warp speed for our clients. By helping them bring together the people, processes, technology, and insights to develop a superior customer experience, we help them put CX in their DNA too.