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What’s the secret to ramping up your gaming PX?

5CA’s superpower lies in helping supercharge PX — in speed and satisfaction. But what’s the point in having powers if you don’t share them?

Ready to ramp up your gaming PX with our super-secret superpower?

What’s the secret to ramping up your gaming PX?

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We have a lot of relationships with a lot of amazing clients. These epic customer-brand relationships usually involve us being flexible about what we offer. While flexibility is second nature for us, it’s still challenging. When you need to ramp up in as little time as possible, you need to be flexible — fast.

We’ve been in the CX business for 20+ years and remote first for over 16. Thanks to our experience, we understand how important it is to ramp up as quickly as possible. We also know how fast-paced the gaming world is.

After all, we’ve been around since four-way split screens were a thing and online gaming a pipe dream.

We’ve seen it all. From massive console launches to the mobile gaming boom showing no signs of slowing down. It was during those huge milestones that we discovered our superpower.

We call it zero-to-live at warp speed, and we have plenty of evidence to back it up.

Zero to Live at Warp Speed

Yeah, Wonder Woman has a whip. And Magneto can control metal. So what? In gaming, there’s no magic spell to improve player experience. It’s all down to you, your abilities, and what you do with them.

5CA has already helped a bunch of gaming studios ramp up their CX. We’ve helped start-ups and scale-ups with 5CA Incubator, designed to help them live up to their high potential. Furthermore, we’ve aided forward-thinkers like Earth 2 with speedy, agile, and flexible CX solutions. Ones to handle user upticks and the future of such a concept.

Let’s take a quick look at some of our biggest gaming clients and how we’ve used our superpowers for good.

Client R

Client R and 5CA have been courting each other for years about working together. When COVID-19 hit, we finally got to team up.

As the world closed, more people were playing video games than ever. To help Client R during this period, we helped by supplying burst capacity CX support.

Our speed-to-competence distributed operating model offered thousands of prospective candidates. As a result, we had a CX team in place within two weeks of getting the green light.

Our agents’ productivity was also on par with the established CX team within four weeks. Once our time was up, we handed over a best practice CX database for Client R to use moving forth. During this time, we also got to help launch their newest game.


CCP needed a way of providing 24/7 multilingual player support to its global player base for EVE Online. Their search led them to us.

We were already providing support before expanding to work as an outsourcing partnership. Doing so, we developed the idea for “Meet & Greets”.

These Meet & Greets were a way to help new players with their foray into the intricate world of EVE Online. Our agents worked as Game Masters and could do so only because of their existing expert knowledge as fans of the game.

Our partnership resulted in improved CSAT, faster response times, priority-case handling, and improved team cohesion.

Check out the CCP case study for more on how our Fans of Brands improved CCP’s PX.


With Psyonix, we provide omnichannel support for their hottest game, Rocket League. Our agents answer questions and resolve any technical issues affecting player experience.

To meet the needs of an ever-growing player base, we helped build a self-service help center. This FAQ allows players to find answers quickly to get back to playing. Consequently, 65% of players who visit the center leave without having to contact us for further support.

Read our Psyonix case study for more on how we improved their player experience.

5CA—the Professor X of CX?

For gaming companies, player experience should always be top of the list. But unfortunately, so many games are out there these days that it’s too easy for people to turn away.

With our experience, we’ve fine-tuned our superpower to make a difference. We’ve also seen how much it helps people during quick-growth periods like the pandemic.

Our agents know their stuff because we curate it so they can work on projects they love. Seeing our agents enjoy themselves is as big a boost as making our clients happy. It makes what we do rewarding on all sides.

Helping our favorite games makes us happy, too. And helping our agents do what they love for games we all love is a driving factor in our continuing to push CX forward.

And in doing so, we can handle any speed of ramp-up you need—as fast as quality Assassin’s Creed games come out.

If you want us to use our superpowers to ramp up your CX, reach out to us for more info and the promise of a player experience to remember.



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