Diversity and inclusion


5CA fully embraces diversity and inclusion. We believe that building an inclusive culture that encourages and supports diversity in our workforce benefits everyone and kindles our spirit of innovation. At 5CA we understand that our people are our superpower — and we treat them accordingly. We work tirelessly to build an inclusive culture for our lifestyle brand freaks and geeks, creating spaces and opportunities for all of us to connect and run engagement programs that inspire.

We acknowledge diversity as the existence of a wide range of qualities and attributes amongst individuals within an organisation. They may be visible or invisible, and examples include age, physical ability, nationality, ethnic background, cultural heritage, religious affiliation, education, sexual preference and gender identity.

We believe inclusion means actively creating an environment where diverse individuals feel welcome, appreciated, respected and valued, and ensuring their feeling is a reality.

We commit to:

  • Integrating the values of diversity and inclusion into our business practices at every level of our organisation, with regular review.
  • Supporting our diverse community through inclusive behaviours and policies.
  • Providing training and tools to acknowledge and appreciate diversity and to facilitate inclusion.
  • Recognising the achievements of teams and individuals in promoting the values of diversity and inclusion.
  • Celebrating our diversity as a strength and a driver of innovation.
  • Enabling inclusion and full participation by rejecting any and all forms of discrimination.