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Why 5CA?

Increase CSAT
Fans of Brands

Increase customer satisfaction with CX agents who know and love your products.

Scale Any Language
Remote Model

Scale your global customer support to any language with our cloud-based model.

Work Smarter
Data & Tech Solutions

Elevate your operation’s efficiency and security with our cutting-edge tech solutions.

Industries we support 



Support your players with tiered VIP support, community management, and content moderation. Our gamer agents prioritize your game’s success on all platforms.


Consumer Electronics

Match your tech-savvy customers with top-notch tech support, delivered by agents that love your products.


Ecommerce & Digital Services 

High-quality customer support, focused on building customer loyalty and retention for your brand.



Speed up growth with qualified agents worthy of your customers.

Clients that trust us

Transformative CX services

Player Support

Deliver more efficient, personalized gaming support with game-fluent, multilingual agents that connect with your players.

Omnichannel Customer Service & CX

Connect directly with your customers on their preferred channels for a seamless customer experience.

Community Management

Bridge the gap between your games and their players with dedicated community management and social agents for ultimate player satisfaction.

Content Moderation

Maintain a healthy, inclusive community of happy customers with content moderation services that keep your customers safe, engaged, and coming back for more.

VIP Player Support

Nurture your dolphins and whales with VIP player support. Increase player loyalty and boost revenue by going the extra mile for your most important players.

Multilingual Customer Support

Reach your global market. Our multilingual customer support covers 28+ languages and 78 countries, ensuring support for your worldwide customers.

Customer Service Outsourcing

Scale up your support efforts with customer service outsourcing. Increase customer experience and amplify your service capabilities with a one-stop-shop BPO.

Pre-sales Support

Answer your customers’ questions before they ask with pre-sales support. Take a proactive approach to the buying journey by supporting your customers throughout.

Technical Support

Advance your technical support team by outsourcing customer service agents with vetted technical skills. Let them troubleshoot your customers’ tech issues while you focus on your product.

Innovative tech solutions

AI & Automation

Streamline repetitive tasks, improve process efficiency, reduce costs, and maximize CSAT with advanced AI and automation solutions.

Sentiment Analysis

Understand your customers better through our innovative machine learning solutions like sentiment analysis, trend mining, and more.

Chatbot Support

Respond to customer inquiries faster and handle higher volumes with generative AI chatbots powered by Microsoft Power Virtual Agents.

Workforce Management

Say goodbye to manual time recording, spreadsheets, unproductivity, high turnover, and subpar customer service with innovative WFM solutions.

Customer Experience Analytics

Gain actionable insights into your customers’ voices. Our customer experience analytics and dashboards take the guesswork out of CX, actively improving your support operations.

CRM & Configuration

Track customer interactions at every step of their buying journey and nurture your customer base with Zendesk-powered CRM solutions tailored to your brand.

Knowledge Base Management

Speed up TTR and increase customer satisfaction with knowledge base management support that helps your customers answer their questions for themselves — on their time.

Customer Journey Mapping

Get to the core of customer needs and drive better customer experiences. Track user analytics and insights with customer journey mapping, tailored to your brand and based on exptertise and industry best practices.

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